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Premium Quality Raw Materials

To produce premium quality vodka, the quality of ingredients and raw materials used is essential. The two main components used in vodka production are water and ethanol. Here are some factors that contribute to the premium quality of these raw materials:

  1. Water quality: The water used in vodka production should be of high quality and free from contaminants. The source of water is also important as it can affect the taste of the final product. Many premium vodka producers use water from natural springs or deep wells, which have been filtered through layers of rock and soil. We are one of them.
  2. Ethanol purity: The ethanol used in vodka production should be of high purity, with little to no impurities or contaminants. The quality of ethanol can be affected by the source of the raw material used to produce it. Our vodka use premium ethanol made of AAA-grade grains from agricultural origin.
  3. Distillation: The distillation process is crucial in separating the ethanol from the water and other impurities. We use a multi-distillation process to produce a pure and smooth-tasting vodka.

In conclusion, the quality of the raw materials used in vodka production is essential to producing a premium quality vodka. High-quality water, pure ethanol, and distillation process all contribute to producing a smooth-tasting, high-quality vodka. We guarantee no hangover!

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